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Partner With Us

We welcome opportunities to engage in collaborative efforts with individuals, social media groups, local and national organizations, and like-minded businesses. Contact us to explore possibilities today.

Ways to Help

Do what you can, when you can.

Be an Ally

Allies take action toward a common goal. Introduce us to a potential bill sponsor or benefactor passionate for the cause. Alert us to a bill introduced in your state. Create a legislator contact list. 
Pass along a timely news story or media contact. You get the idea.

Be a Benefactor

A benefactor is a person who provides money or other resources to an individual, group, or organization. Benefactors are the life-blood of any all-volunteer organization like CTTA, whether your contribution is large or small, ongoing or just once. Angels welcome!

Be an Influencer

Everyone has a sphere of influence - no matter how large or small - whether through their personal or professional lives, religious or civic organizations, or social media connections. Your words and actions can have a ripple effect that you may never be aware of. Speak out.

Be a Learner

Effective legislative advocacy requires creating a flexible toolkit which can be applied across a wide range of political environments and personalities. The most compelling testimony, however passionately delivered, is only one element in a successful campaign.

Female Climber

"...those who will not risk cannot win."

- John Paul Jones

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