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Need quick answers, a compelling video, carefully crafted talking points, or more in-depth research in order to provide a timely response to a policy maker? We work continuously to assemble tools for successful advocacy.

Adult Adoptee Access to Records

Quick Q&A for legislators

Policy statements from national organizations

Court rulings

Research Articles:

Surrender and Subordination: Birth Mothers and Adoption Law Reform (Michigan Journal of Gender and Law; Vol. 20, Issue 1(2013)

For the Records II: An Examination of the History and Impact of Adult Adoptee Access to Original Birth Certificates  (Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute; July 2010) 

Releasing Pre-Adoption Birth Records: A Survey of Oregon Adoptees (Public Health Reports, Sept.-Oct. 2002; Vol. 117)

Does Opening Adoption Records Have an Adverse Social Impact? Some Lessons from the US, Great Britain, and Australia, 1953-2007 (E. Wayne Carp, Pacific Lutheran University; 2007)

ADOPTED: For the Life of Me by Jean Strauss

This poignant, informative documentary aired for three years on PBS. It follows the experience of several adult adoptees who encounter obstacles as they seek out their identity and ancestry. (Note: New Jersey and several other states have changed their laws since the piece was created.)

Birth/First Parents: "Promises" and Unethical, Coercive Practices in Relinquishment

A Girl Like Her

Anne Fessler's riveting documentary, based on her book The Girls Who Went Away, in which women share personal stories of undergoing coercive relinquishment practices, still taking place in some states, over a period of decades dubbed the "Baby Scoop Era." 

From Place to Place

The feature documentary "From Place to Place" tells the story of the invisible children who grow up in America's foster care system. For the first time, Mandy, Micah and Raif find their voice after being hurt, lost and silenced by the system that was supposed to take care of them. The film follows their lives for over two years as they struggle to make it on their own, find their voice and impact the system.

Blue Bayou

This trailer from the feature film, which created some controversy in the international adoptee community after being shown at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival, depicts the reality potentially faced by tens of thousands of international adoptees who grew up with the inaccurate belief that their adoption automatically made them US citizens. Visit the Adoptee Rights Campaign website to meet real adoptees living this nightmare.   


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